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Quality and Reliability, Features, Wired Devices, Wireless Devices, and Pricing. These are the primary issues dealers are most concerned with when it comes to protecting their assets and utilizing a GPS system. We understand also that there are many questions as well as misinformation out there regarding these devices and systems. The good news is, our team has more combined experience in the GPS business than anyone in the industry and we understand how important it is to line you up with the right provider.

What is best for your business?

Quality and Reliability: We have partnered with the best providers in the business who have years of proven quality and reliability. If you have experienced a breakdown in your devices or systems, we understand this frustration but more importantly we understand how to fix this and who to align you with to ensure this does not happen in the future. We want you to sleep soundly knowing your assets are protected and recoverable when you need to use this technology.

Features: Do you use GPS Location only? Do you use GPS Location and Starter Interrupt Technology? Do you use GPS Location, Starter Interrupt Technology, and Payment Reminder Buzzers? Maybe you use some combination of all three? No matter what solution you use, we have the answers. Our team of experts will get your system set up so you can maximize all the features and benefits of the GPS software system that best fits your business and collections strategy.

Wired Devices versus Wireless Devices: In recent years some providers have launched wireless devices into the marketplace. While these devices eliminate the installation process, in some cases they have limited features. So which solution is best for you? It really depends on your business model. Do you sell your paper off, do you do point of sale business and BHPH? Some of our dealers use both traditional wired devices and wireless devices. Either way, we sell both and we can guide you through this to figure out what solution is best for you.

Pricing: We understand that everyone wants the best price possible for the products they purchase. There are different factors that go into the price such as what are your needs, how do you want the technology to manage your business, how many years of service do you want to be assigned to each GPS device? Once we understand what your needs are, we can assure you that you will receive the best pricing in the industry for the product you choose.

Profilocity is staffed by highly experienced, knowledgeable experts who make it their business to know your business needs. They do so by keeping in touch with the ever-changing technology, the continuous changes & demands of businesses in order to improve our services & products.

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I have worked with Craig Turner and the Profilocity team for years, their level of customer service is unsurpassed and I would highly recommend any dealership to engage with any help they may need within their business.

Kim Bradshaw
, 1st Nation Auto Sales Inc.

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